Meltonian History

The word “Meltonian” traces its origins to the English town of Melton Mowbray, a renowned hunting destination for the elite. The most impeccably attired hunters from the area were dubbed "Meltonian Dandies". In 1821, Henry Alken, a distinguished British sporting artist, penned the illustrated book "A Hunting Trip to Melton." In it, he emphasized the importance of appearance to the Meltonians. One particular excerpt from the book describes a Meltonian having his servant shine his boots just before mounting his hunting horse. The attire of the Meltonians had a significant impact on English fashion of the time. For them, dressing was not merely about sport; it also presented an opportunity to flaunt style, masculinity, and physical prowess.

Below is the painting by TJ Rawlings with the “Real Meltonian” in the center flanked by other hunters.

TJ Rawlings Real Meltonian

The painting below illustrates the evolution of the Meltonian mascot. It transformed from a finely dressed hunter pursuing a fox on horseback to an elegant gentleman in a morning suit. The resemblance in their attire is striking. This stylish, hat-tipping dandy has graced Meltonian products for over 130 years.

Meltonian Mascot

Meltonian Shoe Care was officially established on September 18, 1893, when Edward Henry Brown, owner of E. Brown and Son Ltd, registered the Meltonian trademark for his business operations in both London and Paris. The company was initially registered at 7 Garrick Street in London, England, and 26 Rue Bergere in Paris, France.

Edward Henry Brown envisioned his shoe care products to help his customers look their best.

 Here are original Trademarks.

Below is what today entrance to former London headquarters look like at 7 Garrick Street.

Former Meltonian Headquarters

Over the following decades, Edward Brown produced high quality Meltonian products sold at affordable prices. Edward Brown's attention to detail and commitment to quality elevated Meltonian's reputation. The products' low pricing made them widely popular. It was also well marketed. Ads consistently emphasized both quality and affordability.

Original Meltonian Jar

1928 E. Brown and Son Ltd was bought by Chiswick Products Ltd which produced Meltonian branded products until 1954, continuing legacy of Edward Brown, Meltonian inventor.

1954 Chiswick Products Ltd had merged into Reckitt & Colman Holdings Ltd, a large conglomerate. Production moved and consolidated with several other shoe care brands held by Reckitt & Colman.

1960s Meltonian receives “By appointment to her majesty Queen Elizabeth II” for its world’s famous high quality cream polish.

1991 Meltonian brand name was bought by Sara Lee with entire Reckitt shoe care line. For almost 20 years Sara Lee continued carrying the flag of Meltonian brand.


2010 SC Johnson acquired Meltonian with several other brands from Sara Lee for £245 million. It was not a great fit and the iconic brand struggled.

In 2016, SC Johnson abruptly discontinued the Meltonian line of products, much to the disappointment of its dedicated fanbase.

From 2017-2020, a group of loyal Meltonian enthusiasts with an entrepreneurial mindset decided to resurrect the iconic brand. They embarked on a journey to re-create the product and secure the intellectual property.

In 2020, Meltonian products made a triumphant return to the market, much to the delight of its supporters.

New Meltonian

Today, Meltonian products are regarded as some of the best in the industry, offering both high quality and affordability – a combination that is rare to find.