Meltonian History

Meltonian was born 18th September 1893 when Edward Henry Brown, the owner of E. Brown and Son Ltd registered Meltonian trademark for his operation in London and Paris. The company was initially registered at 7 Garrick street, Covent Garden, London, England and 26 Rue Bergere, Paris, France.

 Here are original Trademarks.

For the following decades Edward Brown was making Meltonian products of high quality and priced low. Edward Brown attention to details and drive for quality made Meltonian very high regarded. The products affordable prices made them widely used. It was not just a great product, it was marketed well. Many printed products ads had repeated emphasis on quality and affordability.

Original Meltonian Jar

1928 E. Brown and Son Ltd was bought by Chiswick Products Ltd and produced Meltonian branded products until 1954, continuing legacy of Edward Brown, Meltonian inventor.

1954 Chiswick Products Ltd had merged into Reckitt & Colman Holdings Ltd, a large conglomerate. Production moved and consolidated with several other shoe care brands held by Reckitt.

1960s Meltonian receives “By appointment to her majesty Queen Elizabeth II” for its world’s famous high quality cream polish.

1991 Meltonian brand name was bought by Sara Lee with entire Reckitt shoe care line. For almost 20 years Sara Lee continued carrying the flag of Meltonian brand.


2010 SC Johnson acquired Meltonian with several other brands from Sara Lee for £245 million. It was not a great fit and the company started to struggle with the iconic brand.

2016 SC Johnson abruptly discontinued Meltonian line of products to a huge disappointment of its fans.

2017-2020 A group of loyal Meltonian fans with entrepreneurial spirit decided to bring back the iconic brand to market and started working on the product and securing intellectual property rights.

2020 after completing product development to match the legendary Meltonian products are back on the market to rejoice of everyone.

Meltonian is BACK!

When Meltonian was discontinued, we were among many extremely disappointed. We all felt deprived of high quality and affordable Meltonian shoe care products. That was not right. Customers have been using Meltonian products for over a century. We decided to embark on a journey to bring Meltonian back to the market and to its fans.

First, we had to secure brand ownership. It was not easy and involved lots of legal work, time and resources. At last the trademark was secured.

Then we started a long and difficult work to replicate the product. We wanted Meltonian have the same look and most importantly, perform the same before. Also, we wanted to make sure the products are affordable for all and also have the highest quality.

It can be very challenging to produce a high quality product at affordable price, but we did it. Today, Meltonian products are ones of the industry best and affordable – a rare combination.