Cream Polish - 67 Colours
Cream Polish - 67 Colours
Cream Polish - 67 Colours
Cream Polish - 67 Colours
Cream Polish - 67 Colours

Cream Polish - 67 Colours

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Shoe Cream Polish is an important part of ensuring that your leather shoes and boots last as long as possible. Good leather can last for very long time with proper care with the right shoe cream.

Our old-school formula of Meltonian Shoe Cream Polish is beloved for its easy application, high viscosity and high concentration of pigment. This cream polish is unlike any on the market because of its stout consistency for easy application. Just right viscosity allows every little detail to be treated and does not leak of streak. It nourishes and soften leather and keeping it in perfect condition.  You will see the difference after a single application. This shoe cream is essential for your leather shoes and boots to last longer and look like new again.

Meltonian shoe cream will keep your leather shoes, boots, and accessories in their best condition. The product delivers unmatched quality at a low price.

About the product

  • Meltonian Shoe Cream Polish an old-school high quality product made without cutting corners. It is designed to apply easily, soften and revitalize leather, restore colour and add matte shine.
  • Industry high concentration of pigment to restore and preserve colour: Meltonian shoe cream features a formulation designed to return your leather to its original colour.
  • Meltonian Shoe Cream Polish rejuvenates, revitalizes and conditions your leather boosting its lifespan and durability due to enhanced penetration for superb conditioning and care.
  • Stout viscosity for easy application. Meltonian cream polish is easy to apply. It spreads and absorbs evenly, offering your leather accessories a stunning full coverage look. It does not affect your shoes’ breathability and protects against water keeping it shiny and stunning even in wet areas.
  • End the application with polishing your leather to add matte sheen it it’s beauty. The hallmark of Meltonian brand is to help you care and condition your leather accessories, which is proof in this shoe cream.


How to use Meltonian Shoe Cream Polish


  • Remove the shoelaces.
  • Clean your shoes with Meltonian Cleaner or Meltonian Saddle Soap. This is an essential step before applying cream.
  • Let leather to dry. Applying shoe cream to wet leather isn’t advisable.
  • Apply a small amount of cream to a clean cloth, then gently rub the cream using small circular motions onto the leather.
  • Let it dry for about 5 minutes
  • Take a polishing shoe brush or glove to buff the surface for bit of shine.


Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
Nancy Richman
Works surprisingly well on badly scuffed shoes.

I have 4 colors. Bought at different times. Used on my shoes and granddaughter’s shoes. Even used on a bad place on leather couch. Very impressed (and surprised) at how polish got rid of scuff marks. Pretty amazing.

Joan Rosenthal
Poor coverage

I like melatonin cream polish . Unfortunately . I could not find the proper match for my turquoise leather shoes . I ordered 185 turquoise but it was too light in color , different from the photograph of turquoise , and did not cover the areas needing better results. So disappointed

Gina Aufiero
Medium brown

A little lighter than I remembered

Carol Wheeler

I used polish to color gourds for a floral design project. Not only gave Color but smooth finish. I especially liked the turquoise and raspberry colors!

Hollace Englehaupt
Love this shoe polish!

I've been buying Meltonian shoe polishes and products
for many years. I am very satisfied with the products,
the cost and shipping.
I restore old Coach & Dooney handbags and also vintage leather boots & shoes.
Thank you for asking my opinion on your great products!